Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am a member of a Creativity group that meets monthly at TLDDesigns in Westmont, IL. The Creativity Continuum gathers the 3rd week of every month to serve as an arena for artists and creative thinkers to explore, challenge, stretch and share their creative process.
Each monthly session opens with sharing of work.
Here's my show & tell from the December meeting.

Next we have creativity warm-up exercises and then progress into creative exploration in various mediums. The main purpose of these exercises is to have fun and free up everyone’s creative energy. Julie Rose leads our group in these exercises, using visualizations, relaxation techniques, artists’ affirmations, readings and discussions.

The group also provides a forum for beginning new work, exploring artistic challenges and, if we choose, sharing the results of our efforts with the group. In addition to the monthly meetings, we schedule periodic “artist’s dates” to local art happenings and complete the yearly cycle with a gallery exhibit of member's work.

A new element this year is for one of us to give a presentation about a woman artist of our choice. In October Joy Lavrencik introduced us to Twyla Tharp. While watching the Kennedy Honours last night it was so cool to see this wonderful artist honored and have some knowlege of her background.

Above photo courtesy of Continuum member Patty Pulliam.

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