Monday, December 22, 2008


We need to learn to protect our artist from CRAZYMAKERS. Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way, describes how some of these people behave, pages 44-49. This is my advice if you are at the mercy of someone like this. At this season of the year I believe we are even more susceptible to the chaos these people can inflict on our creative life. In our society I believe, women in particular, need to be mindful and prepared for events destined to undermine our best efforts to stay on task. Planning & preparation for unforeseen incidents take time and an almost unrealistic “crystal ball” mentality. You do, in my opinion, have more ammunition than you realize. Detective work will be necessary. Identify and list those people who place their own interests above yours. Source out and describe in detail previous events that clearly show this individuals disrespect for you and your plans and other commitments. Being specific, putting as much down on paper as possible, will help provide you with clues to design and establish methods to circumvent future incidents. Knowledge is power. Getting “blindsided” causes a reactive rather than active way to manage the situation. Knowing in advance what you have determined is an appropriate and personally acceptable strategy for managing these situations or people is key to success. Don’t expect to get it right every time, pay attention to what worked or what did not and note that in your previous detective resource.

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