Thursday, December 25, 2008


Here they are, click on the picture to see a close-up. Sorry about all the reflections, I have to get a photo tent to eliminate those. When I took a 3-D photography class at TLD Design, (look under classes & workshops, then Special Interests) I learned how much difference it can make. That's now very high on my list.

If you go back and look at the last post you can compare the before and after.

In case you're wondering, the white strip in the middle of these 4 components and at the top of the 2 longer ones that is visible in the top photo is for creating a stringing channel. If you look closely you will now see a clear channel. Notice the opening on the side.

That is for the stringing material when I/ or someone else makes these into jewelry.

Posted by PicasaOn a side note, today I learned I could post a photo collage as one unit. How cool is that?

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