Friday, February 27, 2009

Paper Collage

Last summer, I think it was, I launched on a small format "collage a day" pathway. Each one had to be quickly created in about an hour (not including drying time). It lasted for about a month. I glued the bunch into a black spiral bound book in order of completion and stashed it on the shelf amongst my library of Collage books and moved on to other more pressing matters. Reviewing the contents of that shelf a few weeks ago, I pulled out the book and flipped through it.

WOW, I really like them. This is one of the few times I have created anything personally for myself. Most often I come to the work with a focus on what someone else will like and want to purchase, so these are pretty personal. I shared them with my friend Joy when she came by on Weds. for our monthly get together of show & tell followed by a light lunch. Her response was quite positive and I decided to try scanning them so as to share a few with you.

I am really surprised at the detail I got with the scanner. This is great progress for me and my limited computer technology skills.

Click on the image for a GREAT close up.

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