Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kathleen Thomas

Today is a rainy day, cold, overcast, dreary. I did not sleep well last night, awake at 3 am and could not return to sleep. It’s a good kind of day for me to stay in my office and catch up on bookwork, filing, and correspondence and also, blogging. I have needed time the past month to deal with a family medical crisis. Though not totally resolved, as yet, it is stable for the moment.
Fortunately I received an email from Kathleen Thomas, a student who took both my classes when I taught in Taos last spring. The simple ironies of life, right? I had, just a short time ago, mentioned about not taking pictures of student work during that time because I hadn’t begun blogging yet, at that time. She’s working on creating these wonderful figures she refers to as Shamans and is using the fabric collage for the front of the bodies. I had demonstrated melting polyester fabric with a heat gun and she didn’t remember what tool I had used. “The hair dryer didn’t work”, she noted in her email. Happy to provide her with that information I requested photos, of course, to show you.
She used the sun-print panels from that class to decorate her fence, they still look pretty good to me, being out in the bright sun and through the winter. We used Setacolor transparent paints to create these, in case this inspires you to do the same.

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