Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Phone that fits the Budget

This what I spent most of Friday Acquiring. Of course, It takes pictures, but I have a great camera already, but it might be good for "instant" snapshots for reference.
It's pretty cool looking, love the Green color and the "full" keyboard.

Since 2001 I have only had a pay as you go phone and no real need for anything else. When, over a year ago, I was feeling like I needed more, I bought a laptop and contentment was once again restored.

But lately I have been doing more traveling and needing to use my phone for more than just emergencies or to check my land-line for messages. So now I have a CONTRACT !!! Oh my, what next? I told the sales guy all I wanted was the ability to check my email away from a physical computer and to go on-line and visit certain favorite websites "on the fly". I was really impressed with this fellow, he was by the way the store manager. He did not try and up sell me or dazzle me with all the wonderful capabilities this phone has, most of which I don't give a darn about.

When I want to listen to music I play a CD, when I want to watch a movie I play a DVD, when I want to watch a TV program, guess what, I want to watch it on a full-size screen !!!!

I did, however, discover that GPS capability is included, for an additional fee, of course, and I have been considering buying one of those things for my car, since I keep getting lost when venturing beyond my suburban surroundings. There's a 90 day trial that I will probably experiment with before making that decision.

So, last night's bedtime reading was the operations manual, the one in English, and I became bored enough to turn out the light and sleep well, confident that I at least had the basics lodged in my already over stimulated brain.

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