Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Already?

WOW, time sure seems to fly by. In my own defense, I will say I have been very pre-occupied with on-line marketing stuff. Keeping up with Facebook entries, joining and posting photos to Fiberartmixedmedia. A new site I discovered just a few days ago. It's another place to share work and learn about opportunities for exhibits, classes, AND keeping current with what's new and exciting in the fiber art world. As with most of these sites there is, for me, the straight-up learning curve that always takes longer than I think it will. I also get distracted by things I think I need to fix, like using up more of my Google photo storage than I would like, so I end up deleting and/or resizing things. There's lots more of that to be done. If a previous post seems to be missing a photo, I may have gotten overly zealous in the delete mode.

All day today will be helping my friend Paul help me rearrange and reorganize my work spaces. Another one of those domino effect projects. Either this has to be done BEFORE that, or that then has to be done AFTER that.

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