Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Final Performance

This flower photo is one that touched a tender cord and so I’ve singled it out to share with you today. Mostly I like to catch the flowers with a close up of the wide-open blooms and a revealing look at their center. This one seems to be an “after the show” moment that I most often miss or don’t think to shoot. I just purchased this flowering tree on special sale during the most recent holiday week-end. I hoped it would give me pretty flowers that the rabbits couldn’t devour!!! It did, and they, of course, couldn’t. Not knowing much about this type of plant, I was not prepared for the short life span of the blooms. Quite a few were open and showy at the time of purchase. In just the next several days they all performed and quickly said adieu. Luckily I didn’t wait too long to record them with the camera. I have several really cool images that I will share with you as time goes on. Somehow this one evokes a reminder of a life story, radiant in the beginning, and too quickly spent. I feel I was lucky enough to just catch it’s final bow.

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