Sunday, June 21, 2009

Working No Matter What

I used to be surprised how the weather seemed to affect my mental outlook, artistic desire, and energy. Maybe it’s always been that way, but I just haven’t paid as much attention before. When I had my studio in the lower level of my previous dwelling, I was more aware of not particularly liking to go downstairs to work. Even though there were 6 windows above ground and a door with a full window. I had good work lights hanging from the ceiling over my work table, and they all had to be on, particularly if the weather was dark, overcast, damp and rainy. Actually I didn’t mind winter as much when it snowed, the next day the sun would come out and reflect lots more brightness in through those windows. When I had a commissioned project it always came first, even when there were difficulties finding solutions or it wasn’t going particularly well. Having commitments for work to be finished by a certain date, require more consistent attention to the work. Even though with almost everything I did it seemed to come to point that I hated it, usually about half to 3/4ths of the way through it. Then it would dry, and I would take something away, or take away and add, then let it dry. Then it would be better. I could NEVER leave a committed job to work on something else, even when it wasn’t going well. Mid-western work ethic, I often mused to myself. That had to be the reason. Now I see that I’m subject to my emotional and physical limitations, and sometimes I just need to give in, rest, take a break, go shopping, go out for coffee, go look at something entirely different from my idea and allow myself to return refreshed. Also, at this time, I don’t accept commissioned work. It’s a good thing.

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