Saturday, July 25, 2009

Accessible Studio Space

Well, I was on a roll there with the picture taking at the gallery!!!! Then, as too often happens, a family crisis requires all ahead STOP!!!! But now, with this crisis over, I took the opportunity yesterday to clean off my work table that had become the major dumping ground for things that had no home, or would take too much time to find their home, or couldn’t get to their home!!! WHEW, it was a big job, but such a burden lifted. That “nothings happening there” feeling every time I passed by that table was depressing.
Much of this reorganizing began with a decision to rearrange work areas and accommodate a newly diagnosed condition of posterior tibial tendonitis in my left foot. (this was NOT the above menioned crisis). I had surgery on the right foot 4 years ago for a ruptured tendon, putting me in a wheel chair for many months, so I am hoping to deny that solution for this left foot.

Standing long periods of time on a concrete slab with only under layment and vinyl tile does not aid the hoped for recovery. Much of my work cannot be done sitting, but I hope to become more aware of opportunities to restructure my working style and give more attention and consideration to this condition. With that in mind, I arranged specific areas to sit and work. Lots of supplies needed moving from other rooms and organized storage developed that can be easily reached from a rolling chair or tall stool by simply turning around. My previous working method was to just ‘run” elsewhere in the house to look for “exactly the right thing” needed at the moment, and return with it to the current work in process. Being “at work” will determine how much success or “needs more tweaking” of the arrangement has been accomplished. I also purchased a label maker and plan to identify what is where, saving time “rummaging around” looking for things.

I know many other successful artists have many and greater challenges than this every day and have found or developed ways to accommodate and continue the work. I will keep you updated on my progress.

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