Sunday, October 4, 2009

Answer to question about Collage Adhesives from follower

Regarding your question about adhesives. Yes, I do use good-quality matte medium for paper and even some lightweight fabrics to layer them to the canvas/painted surface. Also, since my process is often wet into wet, with lots of layers, the acrylic paints also contribute to good adhesion, and lately I've been playing with the heat gun, as well.

That said, when it comes to actual 3 dimensional objects my tried and true friend for (30 + years) of dimensional collage making, has been 527 made by BOND adhesives. Super strong, crystal clear, durable, flexible, yada, yada. It bonds anything to anything, glass, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, shells, can't remember anything on which it didn't work.

Tag line used to be, "if you stand still long enough, I will glue you to something".

Caution, tube says quick drying, but in my experience it needs 12 hours to "set" and at least 24 to dry completely, now that may be because I am quite liberal with it for most of my uses. I do use a syringe to apply it exactly where I need it, the tube opening is kinda big and dispenses way more than I usually need in a particular spot.

Other fabricators have their favorites that work best for them, but I have work that has stood the test of time and conditions, no "new and improved", for me.

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