Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lesley Richmond

One of my goals when I first started this BLOG was to share with you the work of other artists to help you understand a little bit more about me. Over the years it has been by good fortune to encounter the work of many contemporary artists even while learning to appreciate and recognize the OLD Masters in Art History class.

While visiting the SOFA show in Chicago last Sunday I was again overwhelmed by the fiber art of Lesley Richmond. You must see her tree series for your selves; I cannot call forth sufficiently descriptive adjectives to describe it. I first became aware of her work when attending a special lecture she gave at this venue 2 years ago along with the chance to get a really up close and personal look at several pieces in the gallery booth. This year The Jane Sauer gallery had several new pieces for me to exclaim over. Do take the time to visit her website and draw your own conclusions.

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