Friday, December 4, 2009

Technologically Challenged

Is it me, OR IS IT THEM? I feel like I'm drowning in technology !!!! There were existing problems with my REALLY OLD computer. Like I have been using an HP pavillon laptop as my desktop ever since my Dell deceased from Cardiac Arrest several years ago. This older laptop has hardly no RAM to speak of and very little speed, but I had set it up (temporarily)with a gifted flat-screen and the keyboard from the Dell. I have been plodding along, things taking forever to accomplish, but without the time to concentrate on choosing a new setup, I just let some things slide. I didn't reconcile several accounts in Quicken & QuickBooks figuring I'd get to it when I had a faster computer. I was managing OK with QB Primer 2006 until Intuit Sundowned the support, which I never needed anyway, but they also cut off my on-line banking capability along with that!!!! GRRR!!! I HATE doing data entry and no longer having the capability to download all my raw materials purchases really made me mad!!! Well, I thought, the heck with them, I used to enter it all by hand, I'd just have to do it that way again, NOT !!!! Didn't happen, so now I have all of 2009 to do in order to reconcile my credit card charges, which by the way automatically updates the inventory quantity & asset account.

OK, enough of that. Finally I bought a new computer. Well guess what, it has Vista and all the QB user groups were complaining about how some things no longer work correctly with Vista, like the computer freezing up during account reconciliation and needing to close without being able to save all the work just done, YIKES!!! So I shopped around and got a good deal on QB2010, loaded it, backed up my data file to a CD and successfully restored it on the new computer into 2010. OK, things are looking up!!! Now I want to print a letter to my past customers thanking them for their business, right? Simple merge process, I've done it before on the old laptop, no biggy? Wrong again. QB2010 only works with Word 2000,2002, or 2003. I don't have any of those on the new computer, only a trial version of Office 2007 which just gets ignored by this new QB version. When I bought that little Pavilion laptop, it came already loaded with XP Professional & Word 2000, soooooo, I have no copy of WORD and now went out and bought Word 2003. That's it for tonight, I will report on my progress tomorrow.


Carolyn Abramofsky said...

So have you conquered your computer yet and will I see you Sunday at CC?

Carolyn Abramofsky said...

Are you going to the PaQa retreat in Racine in March?