Saturday, January 30, 2010

fighting with the needle

While working on embellishing one of my mini-quilts and “minding the gallery” at the Plainfield Art League, my friend Darcy came by to see the exhibit and took this somewhat telling photo. Since this is a new situation for me I didn’t have all my necessary tools with me. 
Next week I’ll make sure I bring the pliers for pulling the needle through. These mini-quilts are many layers whose construction is fashioned with glue, fusible web, and even paint. Some of the beads I use have little tiny holes requiring considerable effort to push/pull a thin beading needle through without having it snap in two.
Here’s my table set up in the front gallery space.tablesetup
That doorway in the corner leads to the classroom. I can sit here working and visit with patrons as well as explain my art making process, just like at an art fair. Only the weather is much better in here and there’s “facilities” behind the classroom.  All and all a pretty warm deal. I think it’s 19 or 20 degrees outside.

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KRDesigns said...

Have you considered using an awl to make a hole in the back of the quilt? I use the pliers to pull my needle thru on my beadwoven jewelry when I've gone thru the bead too many times...too many threads. Those beading needles seem to break or bend very easily (size 12 & 13).