Tuesday, January 26, 2010

they always make it sound so easy

when you read the list of terrific capabilities this or that software program has to offer, BUT in my experience it’s NEVER easy to get it accomplished.  Yes, this one, or that one can transfer your info from one application to another so you can EASILY (HAH !!!) do this or that and another thing with your info. Even move it back and forth, update it, rearrange it, and goodness knows what other pie in the sky promises they say will make my life easier if I just buy their program!! What they fail to mention is the degree of expertise required to figure out why it doesn’t happen the way they promise and I’m relatively computer savvy, (in my opinion) not to mention determined. But even when I figure it out I often discover it would most likely have taken about the same amount of time if I’d just reentered all the info in the new program!!! As if I had nothing else to do!!!

OK, enough of that rant. If you need a little reprieve from technology, watch the DVD Julie & Julia. This BLOG is meant to primarily be about art and my mixed-media pathway and sometimes an aspect of that is fueled by diversion.  Some people are of the opinion that gourmet cooking is art, and certainly I agree with that.  I’m not much of a history buff, so Julia Child would not be a figure I would normally feel inclined to know more about, but Julie makes it fun to see her apply it to her everyday life.  AND BLOG

This morning, before embarking on my technological pathway I took the time to watch another KULTUR production about Georgia O’Keeffe. She pretty much has been my artist of most inspiration. Lots of good photos of her work, and the dialogue is less intrusive than some. ISBN: 0-7697-8098-9. I did not borrow this one from the library, but purchased it for my library. I will watch this one again and again.

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