Wednesday, March 17, 2010

how many do I need ?

When I finished and framed “FLORA” and hung it in the gallery space I realized it needs a much larger frame with a mat.  It doesn’t  have the presence I believe the work deserves. Based on that conclusion, the next day I cut the rest of that start-up group into 4 sections each. So now I have 24 potential small works of art, 6 X 4.5. These will be easy to transport and work on during my time at the Plainfield Art League on Fridays, an additional bonus.


Here they are coated with Polymer medium and spread out to dry. I have decided to try the Jonathan Talbot technique of coating all the materials on both sides with GLOSS medium and then once assembled, use a tack iron to adhere them to each other and the backing.

Here’s two I worked on yesterday, dimensional elements are yet to be added. This is often a point at which I set the work aside for a time to enable me to come back to it in a day or so with “fresh eyes” and “ears” to know what’s next.


The cool thing about this process is the spontaneity of the design and assembly. 

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