Monday, June 21, 2010

positive reinforcement

Yesterday I took CUT & RUN to the monthly Creativity Continuum meeting and got good advise from the group. The photo I posted on-line is not at all accurate because I had done the “quick-fix” which added a bunch of color to it overall. I was considering an attempt at “fixing” the artwork by reworking it to more closely resemble the photo. The general consensus is they like the artwork as it is and to “unfix” the photo. Another suggestion was to try a different frame.  All good and wise recommendations.

We also looked at HE SAID TO SIMON on-line and the overall opinion for me to continue with my mixed-media, photo collage technique was very favorable.

Patty did a presentation on a famous glass artist, Tammy & Barb showed new work, and then we discussed ideas for our upcoming group exhibit. The theme for that is Alice in Wonderland.

My wish for any artist is to have a group like this.

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KRDesigns11 said...

I look forward to seeing your next Naperville Art League entry. I'm glad the creativity continuum is supportive. Alice in Wonderland is a creative theme.

He said to Simon inspired colored beads could be in my mailbox now!