Friday, August 20, 2010

Composition Practice

I have spent this past week refilling my well, because creating the collage for the Alice in Wonderland special exhibit was the final thing that drained all my creative reserves. This has happened before, and I now know what to do about it. Watch any art related TV specials or programs I can find, go through all my sketchbooks and inspirational journals, rest, eat well, and rearrange work spaces. Also, do NOT agree to participate in any new projects until full recovery is in place.Where is this all headed? Not sure yet, but reviewing past practice work can be fun or depressing.
After I had my foot surgery in 2004 and was confined to a wheel chair for 3 months, I spent time working through the Artist’s way manual and with a blank journal and marker pens. Here’s a couple of the practice compositions I find interesting today. No plans for them, except scanning them into Picassa for review on the BIG SCREEN.

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