Monday, September 6, 2010

Copper Etching Class - September 25 at TLD Designs

Here's the description of the class I signed up for. I'm very excited about this and was impressed by the student work from the last class.

Your ideas, your designs, etched on copper, using a resist and acid bath. Draw your own designs by hand or bring stamps (ink pad type) to experiment with different images. Fabricate your etched copper pieces into fabulous jewelry. We will also work on making hand made French ear wires, and "s" hook clasps, with no soldering involved. Team up your copper work with semi precious stone or glass beads (bring your stash or purchase from ours). Possibilities for finished work include bracelet & earrings... perhaps even a pendant or two. Be as creative as you like!!!! If you've taken one or more of our metal smith classes, please bring your files and a selection of plier tools (round nose, chain nose, flat nose, cutters) with a band of color to identify your tools at a glance.

I have taken two metalsmith classes at TlD Designs and am ready to incorporate this technique into my jewelry and collage/assemblage making arsenal. While I'm waiting for the class I have been studying and practicing wire wrapping and cold connection techniques. Much reorganizing in the work area is again on the agenda in order to proceed in this direction. I also just learned I can do enamel work on copper in my little glass fusing kiln. I love the warm earthy look of copper and the combination of various metals, beads and found objects. Sounds like jewelry collage, yes?

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