Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Warm Glass

Back in the glass studio, finally. What is it about melting glass? Not being sure of the results, the anticipation just before lifting the kiln lid, after knowing the entire day that it might end up either way, good or bad.  Hoping it will be at least as good as that seen in my minds' eye, perhaps even better. Learning some of the rules, then trying to break a few, rules that is, not the glass.  I gain courage to try new things, inspired by the great artists who so willingly share their success and even failures in books and on-line tutorials. Knowing that experience is the best teacher and knowledge comes with practice.  It's a good thing I have only a small tabletop kiln, it keeps me reigned in and focused, and the mistakes don't take up quite so much storage space.


Joy said...

Hey Joann, just checking up on you now that I'm back. Love the fused glass in warm colors. I see art jewlry in your future!!!

Jerri said...

Mmmmmm..... yummy glass! Keep it up, I love it!