Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Copper Components

Here are some of the components I've been creating with copper wire lately. Practice makes perfect and I have a way to go. Also, some of the methods that pros use are a challenge for me because of the fibromyalgia. Part of my learning curve here is finding ways to get great results with methods I'm devising as I go that are kinder to my hands and shoulders. After spending many hours creating a few small units, taking frequent breaks, the morning after can be a surprise as to where it hurts !!!


Julaine said...

oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...i love copper!

a little coveting going on here!

they are beautiful, jo ann...

KRDesigns11 said...

They look lovely JoAnn. Sorry you have the fibro "hangover" from doing what you love. Do you have any interest in exploring the possibilities of the thinner, say 30 gauge, craft wires? I've also seen headpins, etc. that are made of thinner, almost floral type, wire.