Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boy have I ever lost track of time

I just double checked the date I posted the bracelet documentation photos, it's been a year !!! 12/13/2010 is the date on that BLOG entry. In yesterday's post I said that I had made all those bracelets in the spring, then realized two of the gift bracelets and one of the sold ones were Christmas presents !! I did, however make 2 pair of earrings in the spring, again, they were gifts. Let's see, does that mean I need a deadline to produce work? I hope not, that usually stifles my creativity.

This morning, as I walked past my work table on the way to the coffee maker, I was happy to see the work in progress. I am a very visual person and during the day I can think about what to do next. Probably won't be able to work on it today, though. Church first, then lunch out with church friends, then a Christmas Concert at 3. Maybe tonight I'll have enough energy left to sit in my TV watching chair and wire wrap a bead or two. We'll see.

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