Friday, July 18, 2008


This month our Creativity Continuum meeting at TLD Designs was a bit different. Our facilitator, Julie Rose,, has moved to Taos, NM creating some new and exciting technology opportunities for our meetings. Her intention is to personally visit us on a quarterly basis and facilitate by interactive video the other months. A computer problem on her end, as it’s in the repair shop, caused her to find an alternate method last evening. Once we were all in attendance we called her and had a “conference call” as Julie phrased it, “Charlie’s Angel’s” style. That worked OK, but there was an unanticipated challenge regarding volume controls, or lack of them, on the new phone purchased just for the event. Fortunately member, Patty Pulliam, has that capability on her cell phone so we were able to proceed. I did “show & tell” with my new fiber collage, imagine, (pictured above) they all loved it. We chatted about the women artists we have been profiling the last 6 months, and then went right to the creative time segment of the meeting. Our creativity exercise was to develop a new work of art that integrates some aspect of each of these great women’s work.

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Darcy Berg said...

JoAnn, This is great. You have done a wonderful job setting this up.

Darcy Berg