Saturday, January 31, 2009

Class cancelled

Well, sometimes that happens. So what to do with myself all day when I had scheduled myself out of the house? First I worked on bookkeeping, my big goal for 2009 is to get my financial house in order. Data entry is soooooooo boooooooring !!! There is aways something more creative to be done. But, I am committed, so I got a book from the library for QuickBooks 2006, which is the program I have been using for years, that is written by a woman and she actually tells you what will be the result of making certain choices in the Preferences window, for example !!!! I've been reading sections of this book during my evening TV time and have experienced several AHA moments. My office is the coldest room in my house, so when my hands turned ice, I looked for someplace warmer to be.

My sewing room, which has remained clutter free and organized for several months, due to nothing being done in there, called me. I unpacked the baskets that held many pieced components that originally were to be part of a series. I lost the inspiration for it after finishing and showing the first segment. I began putting them up on the design wall and began sewing random sections together.

Maybe a lap quilt, for whom I have no idea, but what the heck,
I have all this fabric and it needs to BE SOMETHING. As I worked, ideas began to develop. The creativity group I belong to is planning an interactive show, the theme, A Woman's Wardrobe. Everything will be white, walls, garment bags, storage containers, hat & shoe boxes, and the interactive part will be the viewers opening the containers to see what they hold. Each of us will be creating something specific for the container of our choice. I think bright, bold folded lap quilts will be perfect !!!

What do you think?

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