Friday, January 23, 2009

Fibro Fatigue and Physical Therapy

do not make a positive contribution to creative efforts !!! Finally a diagnosis of a pinched nerve at L5, lower back was good news & other news. This is why you have not heard from me for several days. 10 sessions of site specific physical therapy + my general disregard for the fibro fatigue, brought me to a screeching halt Monday morning. I have been sitting in my purple leather lounge chair with the heating pad and several books on creativity, so all is not lost.

Here's the new book I got from Amazon. It is on the order of The Artists' Way, but more closely matches my spiritual sensibilities. I have, from time to time wrestled with the desire to create work that would glorify my GOD & Savior Jesus Christ, but still be non-objective, since abstract is my innate style. This author has helped me look at these issues from a new perspective. I am now working my way through several of the exercises she outlines in the book. I am writing "the pages" in the morning again, but with a new and different purpose, somewhat meditative in fact, but with my eyes open. I NEVER could get into that meditation thing, my mind was always too busy going this way and that !!! On the positive side of that issue, she describes those of us with this condition as divergent thinkers, I like that. This is working out better, some of it's assignment oriented and other times, not.

My neurologist gave me the go ahead to return to the pool with specific exercises to "strengthen my core". Also a new chair will need to be found for the computer work station and I am to use a foam roll behind my back while in the car.

Here's a picture of a fused glass piece I did "way back when" in a fusing class at TLDDESIGN Center & Gallery. Tons of little bubbles, not a good thing. I need to look at these things to help me see if I'm getting better at this, or not.

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