Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Social networking can be fun, addictive, good for self-promotion, bad for having to learn MORE NEW methods for on-line transferring of data, and certainly other things I’ve not yet been exposed to or even considered as possible good/bad events or incidences. Showing my age, I will tell you that sometime in the late 1990’s, like 1996 or so, I happily embraced email as a method of convenient communication. I’ve always had a problem with my handwriting keeping up with the flow of ideas and words I wish to share with others. It’s often so illegible I have difficulty reading it a week later, and many words are left just hanging in the air, their intent left to the imagination of only the really concerned or curious. Fortunately, in high school, I was encouraged to take Business Classes. That really meant learning secretarial skills, and I did learn to type without looking at the keys. Although, lately, I have happily embraced typing programs that include spell check. I don’t do math in my head, but I CAN make heads or tails of an annual report, and know how to set up files in alphabetical order. I can learn from a manual, if it’s written in English, pictures are even better, however those are sometimes more of a hindrance to understanding the graphic designers intent.

About 8 months ago, again with my daughter’s assistance, I began this BLOG. The purpose, for me, was to develop a web-presence for my artwork, and a way of letting interested friends and patrons know a little more about what being a professional working artist looks like for me. That’s gone pretty well some weeks I’m more consistent than others. Learning how to use BLOGGER has been frustrating at times, and the more I learn, the more I need to learn. I have become a faithful follower of certain others BLOGS, and try to remember what I like or don’t like about the format and content for future reference. The book on self-promotion that I’ve been telling you about stresses the importance in today’s world of on-line exposure and networking. I agree with the concept and am willing and even anxious to embrace what I am able to comprehend.

But, I digress, I do subscribe to several on-line Yahoo type groups where I LURK pretty faithfully and comment occasionally. Face Book is my first leap into the instant social networking stratosphere. Very recently, like maybe 10 days ago, my daughter set me up with an account with the intent that I would be able to view the photos my niece, who lives in Spain, has posted of my GRAND niece, who is now 4 months old. It’s great, I get to look at the photos, read comments made by friends of my niece, and enjoy viewing them at my leisure. ENTER A NEW ADDICTION !!!, FRIENDS, old friends, new friends, current friends, and even relatives. And a new place to show off my artwork. Check it out

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