Friday, April 17, 2009

I'd rather be in the studio !

Today has been a frustrating computer day !!! Last week, right after the book by Alyson B. Stanfield arrived, I read it through from beginning to end in just 2 days. Taking her recommendations to heart and committed to making a quick start, I jumped into getting my mailing list updated and useful for self-promotion. Then the trouble began. I use Quick Books for my business accounting and so all my customers are there, diligently entered from all sales receipts over the past many years. Cool, I thought all I need to do is enter email address for everyone, whoops, Quick Books recently sent a notice that as of May 2009, they will no longer support email sending from my 2006 version. The 2009 version is a very pricey upgrade just for email capability !!! And not all that friendly for other correspondence anyway. OK, I have MS Works, and use Outlook express, they seem to be compatible, yes? Well, not exactly. I had Works 8 on my main computer and Works 7SE on my laptop, a version I would have to pay to upgrade to 8. And the laptop has Vista, by the way, my regular computer has XP. I also use Quicken for personal stuff on the main computer and am not ready to switch Quicken and QuickBooks to a Vista environment. It’s all so complex!! My version of Word is old as the hills, 2000. My favorite for signs and greeting cards, and other printable stuff, Publisher is also 2000. I’m still in the research phase as to what direction to go, but I NEEDED TO RANT. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll let you know what happens next. While I was there, I upgraded my Internet Explorer from 7 to 8, so far so good with that, but who knows what danger lurks in the hidden recesses of computer software incompatibility. You know, I really would rather be in the studio !!!!

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