Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fabric Collage Minis

Here are three of what I call my mini fabric collages. The art is 4”X6” and the frames, before photo cropping are 7” x 9”. This all began way back in 2004 when Quilting Arts Magazine challenged readers to send them an “ATC”, Artist Trading Card and they would receive one made by the magazine staff in return. Many fiber artists embraced that challenge and sent in so many that they almost overwhelmed the staff. The magazine received 823 ATC’s from readers all around the world.

I was intrigued by the challenge, but never got anything submitted in time, shame on me. You can enjoy looking at many of these in the Winter 2004 and Spring 2005 issues. In that same spring issue are printed the results of the Angelina postcard challenge. Many wonderful small format pieces of art created by artists from all over the world are showcased in the Spring 2005 issue. I was intrigued by the size restrictions, and because I have an innate love for collage, promptly began my own explorations.

I showed my results around to other artist friends who were also intrigued. And I was hired to teach workshops for quilt guilds, creativity groups, and even a gig in Taos, NM at the Giarosa retreat center

The greatest challenge for me, with my personal work was my inability to adhere to the restrictions on embellishment if I wished to send them through the US mail. I reluctantly relinquished that desire and with hopeless abandon piled the stuff on. You can click on the photo to get a good close up view of what I used and the techniques I employ. No I DO NOT sew each of those beads on one at a time, I string them on the thread in random fashion from my Bead Stew and tack them down. All the work is done before the back is fused on and then the edges finished with an overedge machine stitch.

Entertaining myself by wandering the aisles at the JoAnn Fabric Store nearby I discovered these wonderful fabric frames that were the perfect size and style to add sophistication and emphasize the art. Whenever I teach I bring some empty ones along to show off the work in process by the students. They are always amazed at how the frame brings the focus on the art and integrates the entire piece.

The one in the middle is now owned by my friend and fellow quilter, Annette, to whom I gave it for her birthday. Which, just happens to be the day after mine.

If you scroll down to my March 14th entry you will see a pile of them without the frames. Be sure to click on that one to get a good look at the elements used and the techniques.

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