Saturday, September 19, 2009

Painted Outfit

My entry in the 3rd Annual Creativity Continuum exhibit is the result of a challenge to me by our Facilitator, Julie Rose. Her words were straight forward, “stretch yourself, do something totally different than your usual work”.
I admit I was stymied for quite a while, then one day, as I was searching through my own closet for something to wear to an upcoming event, I came across these three pieces that had hung in there for ages. The skirt I had never worn, the tops only once or twice. All three pieces were white, but there the similarity ended.

They are totally different fibers and textures so would require different medium to be permanent on all. I admit the idea, once formed needed no further consideration except to decided on the color. I covered my dress form with plastic, dressed her with all three pieces, set her out in the middle of my garage, filled my spray bottle with thinned textile paint and went to work.
Knowing when to stop is often a problem for me, I think I got it just right this time

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