Saturday, November 7, 2009

Website Development

This post is because I'm taking a break from researching the best way to meet my goal of having my own website. The BLOG has been a good starting point and now I feel it's time to take this next step. Since I don't mind spending time on the new computer, it's so much faster; I plan to see if I can accomplish this myself. The fall 2009 issue of the SAQA journal contains a terrific article on artist marketing written by Jean M. Judd. She says she did it in a week!!! BRAVO Jean, now I'm encouraged to give it a try.

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Jean M. Judd said...

Hi Joann,
Thanks for the plug on my article in the SAQA Journal on your blog.

Using Start Logic was an absolute breeze and I know NOTHING about HTML, etc. It was like typing in a Word Processor and adding in images.

They also back up your site and have the option for you to backup your site onto your own computer. I back my web site (and main hard drive) up monthly onto a portable hard drive that I keep in the safe.
Continued Success!

Jean M. Judd, Textile Artist