Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Direction?

Lately my reading and meditating (thinking) revolved around identifying a topic as a theme for future work. Like that mind-mapping exercise where you choose a word and go off in different directions with whatever pops in your head. I think it's kinda like personal brain storming. I started with architecture, but then drilled down to a broader term. I looked around my home for clues. Light, I need light, windows let in the light, glass mirrors reflect the light, colored glass items can change the light and crystal forms can refract the light. Glass can be cold or hot, clear or opaque, reflective or matte depending on the conditions it has been subjected to and the processes it has undergone. So much can be done with and to glass. The torch, the kiln, the press, the form are only a few of the myriad ways to change it's composition, color, shape and form. I LOVE GLASS!!!! From the tiniest crystals that can be melted in a fusing kiln to panels set in metal to build huge skyscrapers, it beckons me.


Carolyn Abramofsky said...

I've always been fond of glass too and after reading your thoughts, I'm thinking I could use more reflective materials in my work.

JoAnn Deck said...

Carolyn,good idea, I'll be anxious to see your results. For years I have saved all things metallic, it's amazing what you find when your intentionally on the look out.