Sunday, October 25, 2009


I thought I would take some time to describe for you the processes specific to some of my artwork. This piece has been to many quilt shows, but not entered for exhibit as it has always been shown in my booth as an example of my work when I vend at those shows.
BLUE is a mixed-media whole cloth art quilt of my own original design.
It is approximately 27" W X 26" tall.
The entire background is my hand-dyed cotton. It was then over painted with Setacolor textile paints to intensify the color in certain areas. The next step was several layers of raw-edge applique' of various fabrics; cottons, rayon, heavyweight upholstery, commercially patterned rayon, metallic both thin and fuzzy. All were over painted several times with thin glaze layers. Then more applique' and more thinned layers of paint.

Metallic cord was couched down to emphasize straight lines. Both free motion and programmed machine stitching were done with variegated hand-dyed and metallic threads in the quilting and the embellishment. Metallic acrylic paint was squirted straight from the bottle and small beads sewn on by hand for additional sparkle. The quilt is finished in the pillow-case method (as in NO BINDING) and has a 6" hanging sleeve secured to the back.

Click on the photos for a closer look at the fabrics and results of the techniques described.

BLUE was completed in 2003 and was included in my one-person show at the Downers Grove Library in 2005 and The Midwest Collage Society at that same venue in 2006.

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