Thursday, January 21, 2010

no critique’

just personal observation.  I used my lunch break from computer work to watch the 47 minute running time DVD about Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948).  This “In-depth look at the life and works of the great master” is distributed by KULTUR international films and bears this ISBN:0-7697-8662-6.
I really like this guys work !!! Particularly the collage & assemblage pieces. Totally mixed-media with loads of “trash” which we now describe as ephemera.  This is quite a detailed look at his work and includes good close-up and detail photos. It was filmed during an exhibition of his work at the George Pompidou Museum.
The docent spoke French, and the English translator was easy to understand but seemed to me out of synch and just wrong.  The really huge surprise for me was the actual small size of many of the pieces for which I was glad to observe hanging close enough to one another to get that proportional comparison.
My one complaint is the classical music that I felt was loud, in some cases inappropriate and distracting.
I will watch this one again, as I have it on loan till Feb.9th and will see what other pearls of wisdom I can glean from it.  I may even purchase this one for my personal library.

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