Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thematic Art

Yesterday I received an email from Laura Thoma, that she calls “a creative infusion”. Here is the content/creative challenge.
“Many people struggle when faced with the need to create for a specified theme.  This month's exercise is a fun way to practice and hone this skill.  First, write a list of commonly used phrases; for example, time is money.  Next, you're going to choose your theme by closing your eyes and pointing to a phrase on your list.  Then, ask yourself, "how many ways can I express this theme?"  Jot down a quick list of what comes to mind.  After that, set a doable goal to create 3 to 4 different expressions of this theme such as art pieces, speeches, or presentations.  Remember to stretch and strengthen your creative muscles by working in diverse mediums or with technologies that challenge you.  Get excited about learning!  The more you practice this exercise the more you will build your skills, challenge your brain and increase your confidence.  This process is a great way for artists to practice creating a cohesive body of work.  Solo Exhibition, anyone?” Laura Thoma.
Of course, I believe this was pointed directly at me!!! I have on more than one occasion, expressed my frustration regarding art exhibits/contests that require a specific theme. My personal artistic expression is rarely informed by such direction. I begin with color and develop the work in an intuitive, spontaneous manner. Mixed media collage being my primary method to develop my art work. Putting something on, taking something off, covering it all up, removing most, is the way I am accustomed to proceed, with the color continuing to lead the way.

Having given this topic much thought and consideration, I now realize it's not so much working with a theme that I have a problem with, BUT SOMEONE else's theme !!! This obviously, to me at least, is an EGO problem of not liking to be told what to do !! This behavior further manifests itself when I procrastinate over filling out forms, hate that, and filing my income taxes !!  Very insightful, yes?

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