Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I have chosen this word for my 69th year; TRANSITION. Today's project was to sort and purge two file cabinet drawers of supply resource info materials down to one. They seem to mate in the drawers, kinda like hangers seem to do in my closet. I now have many empty file folders available for the next organizing project. yeah for me !!!
When I review my posts from the past few years, this seems to be a recurring theme.  My take on this is that in the life of an artist, particularly a woman artist, there are seasons. Much has been written and published my far more skilled writers than me, and I can only speak directly to my own personal experiences. I won’t bore you with my entire (lengthy) life story, but I seem to have arrived at a point in my timeline where I suddenly recognize how little time I now have left to accomplish BIG goals.  Also, so far, most of the literature I’ve come across has been written by much younger people who’s view is longer and broader.
Yesterday, my daughter took me out for a birthday lunch after we visited the MCS exhibit. My comment to her was that, “I don’t want to retire, just narrow my focus”.  What does that really mean? What will that look like? I’m not at all sure, just yet. As usual, it’s always easier for me to recognize that which I no longer wish to do, than be sure which direction I wish to go next.
This book, the spirit of getting organized, by Pamela Kristan, is different than other getting organized books. The author address the spiritual and emotional issues that surround the goal of organizing my stuff. So far, so good, it helped me accomplish and give myself credit for the above mentioned resource file drawer purge. Tomorrow will be a new day, with a new project. OR NOT, I’ll know it when it presents itself.


KRDesigns11 said...

Belated Happy Birthday! This will be a good year for us all.

Julie Rose said...

The idea of narrowing your focus seems to me to be very positive. It means that you are deciding....which involves a cutting away by necessity. This process brings you closer to the deeper work that calls you. By narrowing and deciding you are making positive choices. This is one of the hardest things for creative people to do since most of us are attracted and distracted by all the bright, shiny things life has to offer. You are in a wonderful place....enjoy and keep following that Divine inner voice.