Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabric Collage Bright

Sometimes really spontaneous is good. I did these with the help of grammar school children several years ago. The school has an ART WEEK and they invite local artists to come for a day and demonstrate their art.  This particular activity takes place in the gymnasium/lunchroom and each artist has a table or two to set up a display of finished work and then a demo table. The kids come through with their class and the teacher with 20 minutes to visit all 8 or 10 artists.


These are fused pieces that the children had fun removing the paper on the back and then “directing me” where to place them on the composition.


Later in the day, when the older children came through, I showed them how the free-motion quilting was done. The older boys are always interested in the machine and how that works.


Some time later I finished each one with a satin stitch twice around the edges. I keep them handy to show as samples of my work to people who think “quilt” only means bedcovering.

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