Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chihuly Glass at St.Louis Botanical Garden

stlouisbotanicalmewithchihulyglassWhat a surprise I had on Sunday!! An impromptu visit to these lovely gardens while visiting a friend in St.Louis was a plus + plus for me. Fortunately Mary took photos with her camera phone, so I do have something to show you. This trip to visit my friend is a retreat “get out of the studio” time for me so I did not bring my camera. Big mistake, won’t do that again. In my own defense, however, I was planning to concentrate on learning to use the new phone I had to buy just 2 days before hitting the road. The GPS was the higher priority.
So, after church and brunch, we arrive at the Botanical Gardens. I’m looking forward to enjoying tons of lovely flowers, which I love, when I see this glass chandelier hanging in the entrance. WOW, it’s a Chihuly, I announce to my companions, and any one else in close proximity to hear my surprise pronouncement. That turned out to be only the beginning. We decide to take the tram ride around the gardens, as it’s late in the day and as we follow the path that winds through many deliciously beautiful flower beds on our way to the tram station I notice bright yellow glass spires on the tops of 2 white entryways leading into a special garden. OK, now I’m really surprised and impressed, how cool are those? I say.
So we board the tram for a delightful and amusing narrated ride around the gardens. Close to the end of the tour we come around a curve and
LOOK AT THIS !!!! More Chihuly!! Onions, the narrator announces.  How cool is that?
Eventually we worked our way to the gift shop and more Chihuly. Books, videos, I wanted them all.  I restrained myself, however, knowing I can get them on Amazon for less $$$$. The surprise of it all seems to have made the experience particularly meaningful.


Sara said...

So, what's a Chihuly?

JoAnn Deck said...

Dale Chihuly,famous glass artist.

KRDesigns11 said...

Put the SOFA show at Navy Pier in early November on your list of artist dates. Google SOFA Chicago. I'm glad you are having a wonderful time.