Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday at the Plainfield Art League

Making this commitment was a good thing. It seems that if I put it on my calendar as a definite, not a maybe, I’ll 019do it. So far only a few people drop by each time, but we haven’t been there that long and it’s a pretty new shopping center. I would love to have lots of people pouring in to look at the exhibit and even buy a piece or two, but if not, it’s O.K. I have supplies with me so I can sit and work on my Art Journal, or elements for a new work.020 
Here’s my portable supply box. This box was a purse that belonged to my Mother and has to be 20 years old. I’m so glad I kept it all these years.
Can you believe how much it holds? 023
I am amazed at how I had all these items and could just “fit them in”. How cool !!!

028 021

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