Thursday, May 27, 2010


I like the fact that my BLOG posts don’t go away so fast. I can go back and review what I’ve written and how I was feeling about my life and my work at a certain point in time. You, dear readers, also get to join me on this journey and hopefully understand why I make art, and also, when I don’t.

I particularly like this new ability with BLOGGER to create stand alone pages, seems like things are more organized this way, and easier to find. We’re all pretty busy these days, and information overload can quickly turn us off, it does me anyway. I hope to make my BLOG a place you can come and find something new, something exciting, and more in depth info on a subject that interests you.

Yesterday I figured out how to do the “follower” thing, now I’m working on moving the fabric painting info to it’s own page.painted01

But here’s a scan of piece for you to see today. It’s just a little larger than the scanner bed, so you see pretty much all of it. Not sure what will happen with it next. Putting it up on the design wall for now.

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