Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Noveldom Abatement

Noveldom is not over yet, but seems to be subsiding. Not sure yet if it’s the current story or the whisper from the studio. Last week sometime I visited the Cloth Paper Scissors on-line group, probably when I was working on that “Running with Scissors” entry, looking for inspiration. But I digress.
Today Judi Hurwitt wrote in her BLOG,“Energized and inspired by last week's interview with Sherrill Kahn and the peek we were given at her new work, Monday morning found me setting up the wet studio for some marathon fabric painting. I used to spend days and days doing this- mostly on paper and wood- and I have missed it a lot, lately.”
Hmmmm, I’m relating to that last line about missing the painting process. So I’ve  hauled out some of my collection of collage inspiration and put them next to my reading chair.
What might happen next?

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