Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too much Facebook?

I’m beginning to feel I am neglecting my BLOG because of Facebook. It’s becoming information overload, a good deal of that information, including much of what I post there, is unnecessary personal trivia. My friends list has continued to grow resulting in TMI, (too much information). In the beginning, it’s been about a year now since I first signed up, it was fun and I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with family and friends. Still like it for connecting with family & friends, but have begun to “unfriend” some people, many of those  whose BLOG’s I used to read when I had free time and I get more of a compilation of what’s going on with them and more in depth content. So, if you happen to discover that I have “unfriended” you, please don’t be upset, I’ve probably signed up to follow you on your BLOG.
I’m not leaving FB, just plan to spend more time BLOGGING, and developing my Art Website.

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Carolyn Abramofsky said...

Was at the Naperville Art League last night and saw your piece in the Running With Scissors exhibit. The location is just perfect for it.