Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I’ve always loved glass, clear glass, colored glass, stained/art glass. Tables, mirrors, candle holders, tableware, bottles, stained glass windows, unusual containers. As I write this I’m allowing a trip down memory lane that confirms this long held interest. For years I have used “found” colored bottles and jars on top of cabinets as inexpensive display elements. Now I use slightly more expensive (T.J.Maxx), bottles, bowls and containers chosen for their specific colors as well as style and shape. Yes, I love Fiesta Ware for it’s bright hues. My current tableware is all mismatched white, however. It’s much easier to replace a piece or two from Meijr’s when I drop one in the sink.
Clear canister jars that used to contain baking supplies, now house beads on top of tall shelves in the workroom.

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