Wednesday, December 17, 2008


For many years my daughter Tammy and I used to exhibit together at many art & craft fairs in the surrounding suburbs. Whenever I got a chance I always HAD to go look at the stained glass booth as well as any metal sculpture. We no longer exhibit together, but I do help her out, you've seen the pictures I posted earlier this summer. I still walk the aisles scanning the booths, it's like a compulsion, looking for a glint of metal or a reflection from the sun that I know must be glass!
yes I even made a stained glass wall hanging when I moved to Carillon in 2001.
They have a group that meets twice a week and it owns all the necessary equipment, like special cutters and grinders and such.
A guy that used to own a shop (he’s gotta be pushing 90 yrs old,) shows the newbies how to do things the right way!!!!
This little angel ornament was my required first project.

Then I did this 12 x 16 hanging for the window. Not bad for a beginner, but using someone else’s pattern doesn't sit well with me. Mine has to be different from everyone else.

The soldering is really BAD.

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