Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can a chair make a difference?

This new chair will give my back better support, raise and lower  more easily, and brighten the room.  The plastic wheels don’t roll very well on the carpet, so next I will get a mat for that area of the floor.
I began the day by rearranging the sewing table and moving some stackable drawers.  I won’t really know if this is a good solution or not until I actually begin working on a project. I’ve learned to organize as I go. I need things easy to  reach and convenient for staying on track with the project. Not sure what that will be yet. Something small, as I have not used my machine in several months.
I like this layout better.

When I walk past the doorway it’s more inviting. That’s a good thing.

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KRDesigns11 said...

YES!!!!! A chair can definitely make a difference. Enjoy your new one!